Veterans presented their businesses at the veterans’ forum “Ukraine. Defenders. Future”

Deminers, creators of women’s military uniforms, those who craft unique embroidered shirts, and prepare garlic paste – what unites them?

They are all veteran entrepreneurs.

Today, within the framework of the VI International Veterans Forum “Ukraine. Defenders. Future,” in a closed location, they had the opportunity to showcase their projects and products and share their stories.

These veterans are representatives of nearly 400 veteran-owned businesses that have received financial support during the activities of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation Minveteraniv.

“Returning to civilian life, I aimed to make this land safe for myself, my children, and my grandchildren,” says one of the participants, veteran Vitaliy Kucherenko, who is involved in humanitarian demining of territories. He trains deminers and is the founder of “GK GROUP” LLC.

And veteran Taras Yakobchuk, who creates professional kitchens for restaurateurs, from design to equipment procurement, and works under the brand “TopRest” with his wife Valentina, says about their business: “We are a family company. People come to us as family, as friends.”

In turn, veteran Kateryna Priymak, who is also present at the event, together with her sisters, dresses up in uniforms for Ukrainian servicewomen under the brand “by VTRNK.” They create uniforms tailored to the needs of women. Kateryna says, “It’s not just a workshop for us, but a workshop that actively supports the front.”

Another unique veteran-owned business is developed by Anton Brostovsky. He designed a children’s entertainment interactive and educational park called “Dragon Land.” His family also helps bring the idea to life. Anton himself comments, “It’s all for the children, including for the military to bring their sons and daughters to this unique park.”

Veteran Marko Melnyk introduced visitors to his publishing house and, in particular, the five books he published with the support of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation. Marko is the founder of one of the first veteran-owned publishing houses in Ukraine, called “markobook.” He says that he provides the military with intellectual support.

“All that unites our books is the victorious Ukrainian worldview,” comments the veteran.

Veteran Taras Leliuk is involved in high-tech entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector. He founded the agribusiness company “Деметра Агро-Груп” (Demetra Agro-Group). In his work, he relies on his fellow veterans, stating, “By trusting each other on the battlefield, we continue to do so in business. Reliable comrades have become reliable partners.”

Today, the following individuals also shared their businesses:

  1. Bogdana Sydorenko, a veteran, co-founded a clothing manufacturing company with her sister Renata. They produce clothing for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and uniforms for businesses.
  2. Volodymyr Skosohorenko, a veteran, specializes in turning garlic into paste and is developing the brand “Часничок” (Chasnychkok).
  3. Serhiy Pyrogov, a veteran, collaborates with his brother Vitaliy under the brand “Active Season.” They manufacture products that improve the daily lives of military personnel on the front lines.
  4. Volodymyr Dovhan, a veteran, along with his wife Oksana, established the artisan pottery workshop “DOVGAN-ART.”
  5. Oleksandr Tkachuk, a veteran, founded the brand “Вишиваночка” (Vyshyvanochka) and creates clothing in ethnic style, as well as military uniforms.
  6. Andriy Sarvira, a veteran, opened the “First Wave” restaurant and brewery.
  7. Dmytro Martinenko, a veteran, established a network of patriotic coffee shops called “Тихе місце” (Tikhe mistse, Quiet Place).

Today, at the Forum, veterans have showcased themselves and their businesses. For them, business is one of the ways to reintegrate into civilian life after the war, and it also supports the veteran and their family. The Ukrainian Veterans Foundation Minveteraniv is ready to assist in this endeavor.

In 2023, the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation (УВФ) has already conducted three competitive programs under the #Varto, in which winners received grants ranging from 500,000 to 3 million hryvnias. You can find information about the current competitive programs at the following link: https://veteranfund.com.ua/contests/#2023

You can watch the online broadcast of the Forum at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/live/12aLvP2WB4A?feature=share

As a reminder, the VI International Veterans Forum “Ukraine. Defenders. Future” took place in Kyiv on Tuesday, August 22. It was organized by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation, and co-organized by the Charity Organization “International Charitable Foundation “Come Back Alive.”

The organizers of the International Veterans Forum express their gratitude to their partners, including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UN Women in Ukraine, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Ukraine, and ISAR Unity.

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