Veteran development in Ukraine: veteran business, support, opportunities

The Ukrainian Veterans Foundation of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs actively works to provide veterans, their families and widows of fallen servicemen with the necessary resources for successful reintegration into civilian life. The Foundation provides a wide range of services and assistance to veterans, including funding for entrepreneurial initiatives through the VARTO competition, crisis psychological support through a hotline, free legal counseling, educational courses for adaptation to civilian life, and analytical research to identify the needs of the veteran community. These initiatives are aimed at supporting veterans in starting a veteran business, dealing with anxiety, securing benefits for the families of the fallen, and integrating into agricultural and defense industry activities.

Here are the opportunities for female and male veterans and their families offered by the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation.

Veteran business

The Foundation regularly holds competitions to finance veteran businesses and their family members under the VARTO program. Projects are selected and evaluated by independent experts. Veteran businesses can receive financial support from the Foundation from UAH 500 thousand to UAH 3 million. For more information on competitions and the selection procedure for veteran business projects and projects of public associations, please visit our website Competitions – (veteranfund.com.ua)

In addition, information about veteran businesses and other opportunities for veterans is available on Diia.Business, a unique navigator that simplifies access to support programs, grants, and opportunities. The Ukrainian Veterans Foundation together with the website team have collected a lot of useful information to support veteran businesses: Veteran business (diia.gov.ua)

Crisis support hotline

The Crisis Support Hotline of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation is the first line of assistance and psychological support for veterans, their families and all Ukrainians in difficult situations. Qualified psychologists are in touch around the clock to provide support. Veterans, active military personnel, their families, and anyone who suffers from the war in difficult situations can call the number:

0 800 33 20 29

The Ukrainian Veterans Foundation’s crisis hotline was launched on June 27, 2022. This project was made possible by the Ukraine Rapid Response Fund program, implemented by IREX in Ukraine with the support of the U.S. Department of State.

The psychological support hotline is part of the All-Ukrainian mental health program initiated by Olena Zelenska “Are You OK?

Veterans, active military personnel and their families can receive free assistance in matters related to obtaining veteran status, applying for a combat service, social guarantees and benefits, and protecting their rights and interests. To get an individual written consultation, please fill out the form: https://cutt.ly/cwIRc1ZM.

Educational opportunities

Together with UCU-online, we have prepared a course “Returning from War: Mind, Body, Society”. This course is an opportunity for Ukrainian veterans and their families to get information on how to adapt to civilian life. The course covers topics such as psychological adaptation, rehabilitation and social integration, including how to start a veteran business.

Analytical research

We systematically conduct sociological research to better understand the needs of veterans, including in the areas of veteran business, psychological support, educational opportunities and employment, and to identify the challenges they face. This allows us to determine the areas of our further work at the national level. The results of our research are available here: Analytics (veteranfund.com.ua)

All our projects can be found here: Current projects (veteranfund.com.ua)

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