Ukrayinska Pravda honors the contribution of a hundred women to the defense and development of Ukraine: Ruslana Velychko among them

In recognition of the incredible contribution of women in times of trial, Ukrayinska Pravda honored one hundred women who have become symbols of unwavering strength, courage and hope for Ukraine. Among them is Ruslana Velychko-Tryfoniuk, Acting Executive Director of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, volunteer of the International Charitable Foundation Come Back Alive and advisor to the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, whose efforts have significantly strengthened not only the military but also the social protection of the country.

Contribution to defense capability

One of Ruslana Velychko’s key achievements was the initiation and implementation of important legislative changes in March 2022. These amendments to the Tax and Customs Codes of Ukraine were aimed at reducing the cost of products necessary for national security and defense and repelling aggression. Thanks to these legislative initiatives, volunteers and charitable organizations were able to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine more effectively. In particular, in the procurement of military and dual-use goods.

These legislative changes have laid the foundation for numerous procurements that have helped strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities. At the Come Back Alive Foundation, in particular, Ruslana Velychko ensured the procurement of the Bayraktar TB-2 complex with related products, armored vehicles, and many other goods that have made a significant contribution to the country’s defense capabilities. Ruslana Velychko played a key role in these processes, ensuring its ability to meet the challenges of the times. This included the fact that the Foundation was able to obtain permits to import such goods, just like other charitable foundations.

Video by the International Charitable Foundation “Come Back Alive”

Development of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation

The development of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation under Ruslana Velychko’s leadership also included the expansion of support programs for veterans, including through crisis hotline, legal counseling, and social adaptation. The Foundation has stepped up its activities in the area of reintegration of veterans, facilitating their return to civilian life, retraining and employment. Velychko’s initiatives were supported by international partners, including the International Renaissance Foundation and IREX, NATO, which significantly expanded the Foundation’s ability to help Ukrainian veterans.

The Bayraktar Girl

The Bayraktar Girl, that’s how Milan Lelic, deputy editor-in-chief of RBC-Ukraine, described Ruslana Velychko.

Not only because in 2022 she led the largest project of the Come Back Alive Foundation to purchase three Bayraktars with all the accompanying equipment. But also because of the impact with which she implements her countless projects, both at Come Back Alive and at the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation. And before that, during the creation of Militarny, open data projects, long-term election observation at Opora, and so on. She probably can’t remember everything.

“Ruslana says that projects like the Bayraktar procurement are primarily about directing for her, referring to her first education as a director: you have to think through the entire project in advance and calculate all possible combinations,” says Milan Lelic.

If you add her tough, sometimes even prickly, but very strong personality to her directorial skills and legal knowledge and practice, this striking force will still be able to surprise many.

Her contribution to strengthening defense and supporting social protection in Ukraine has been an important part of the national effort and deserves to be highly recognized.

Ruslana Velychko, along with other women, demonstrates an example of courage, leadership and dedication, inspiring society to further accomplishments and unite around common goals.

Ukrayinska Pravda’s honoring of a hundred women for their invincible spirit and contribution to the defense of the country emphasizes the importance of each individual in creating a strong, sustainable and just Ukraine. This award serves as a reminder of the power that lies in working together and steadfast commitment to the ideals of freedom and independence.

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